daily eats


lola is eating: carrot and broccoli mush *shudder* with parmesan cheese, made with home-made chicken stock. she LOVES it.

max is eating: tomato and mushroom pasta (carefully picking out the mushies, of course)

i am eating: yummy marble cake my lovely neighbour dropped into our letterbox this morning

bruno is eating: chicken and leek pastie thingy.

i tried out this great puff pastry recipe from anyresemblance and made a pie for dinner and some extra pasties for nibbles/lunch. the pastry is very good, and easy! the grated butter trick works a treat. i have leftovers, so perhaps a tart for sunday dinner.

i’ve got lots of cooking on my afternoon agenda today, but i don’t much feel like it. we’re having friends over for dinner and there is a flourless chocolate cake for dessert to be made, muffins for bruno’s parents (they are taking max for the night so we get a chance to have uninterrupted adult conversation – usually sabotaged by show-off max), plus all the chopping, peeling, slicing and frying of various ingredients for rice wraps ( i know rice wraps + choc. cake is not necessarily the most perfect pairing. i just feel like cake! and bruno is in love with rice wraps). PLUS i need to unload the dishwasher. sigh.


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