a good, slow roasting

on tuesday night i made a saffron risotto for dinner. it was beautifully yellow, soft and butter-creamy. and i finally got around to having some asparagus, poached and then drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice. i’m not usually so reluctant to eat asparagus, i just can’t bring myself to feel enthusiastic about the thick, woody stalks we get here. in oz, thin, slender spears are prized; here it is just the opposite. they were delectable anyway, despite their appearance, not tough at all. even max ate a few spears, despite previously swearing that he hated them. so the whole family ‘enjoyed’ the after-effect of asparagus wee : ) even lola, who got it through breast milk. i heard a rumour that in spring time so much asparagus is consumed in zürich that the lake of zürich gives off a slight whiff of asparagus…..

tonight i slow-roasted tomatoes and beetroots in olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a good grinding of pepper, until the beets were gently caramelised and the tomatoes dark red and gleaming. i love coming home to the smell of roasting tomatoes, it reminds me so much of cosy cold-weather winter warmer cooking (it was cold today). i made some polenta with rosemary and a bit of milk to smooth it out, brushed it with olive oil and grilled it until it was crunchy and brown. had some hot spanish sausage (a normal sausage for max), too. it was good! i especially love to smoosh the tomatoes on top of the polenta and grate or shave a bit of parmesan on top. drank some white wine our friend peter gave us, produced on his daughter’s farm just outside zürich.

shortbread biscuits afterwards for something sweet : )

roasted tomatoes

– cut some good ripe red tomatoes in half
– put cut-side up on a baking tray
– drizzle over some olive oil and blasmaic vinegar
– turn the tomatoes over (cut side down) and jiggle about a bit to distribute the good stuff evenly
– turn tomatoes back over grind over some pepper and bung it all in the oven.
– i usually start out with the oven quite hot (maybe 190°c) and then turn it down to 150°c after a bit.
– let roast for a while….check ’em to see how they look. don’t let them dry out too much, unless of course you want dried tomatoes. you gotta leave some juice in them!

– you can do this with cherry tomatoes – oh, very good. but be extra careful not to dry them out.
– roasted tomatoes are excellent on their own, as a pasta sauce, to mop up bread, on oat biscuits or just about anything, really.


9 thoughts on “a good, slow roasting

  1. Your descriptions are fantastic! You really bring the food to life. I wish I could find more time to cook but life seems so hectic at the moment. And it’s made harder because the children are so fussy.
    I’ve done roasted cherry tomatoes as a pasta sauce but I’ve never tried to roast beetroot. I bet the flavour is sensational.
    Please keep the descriptions and the recipes coming!!

  2. thanx for yr encouraging comments, lucinda! it’s so nice to know that someone reads all this stuff i blab out : )
    i know what you mean by finding it difficult to cook when it’s hectic and there are fussy kids around. some days it’s all i can do to muster the energy to cook rice (and we have a rice cooker)! no wonder plain pasta is max’s fave food !

  3. Yum! Roasted tomatoes are wonderful! I’ll often roast off a bunch to to use as pizza sauce or maybe a mediterranean topping for some poached fish- simple and delicious! I have made a meal just about exactly the same as you’ve described above, but minus the beetroot. How well did that go with everything?

  4. with the thick asparagus, I would snap it off at the part where it naturally gives – it seems like you are wasting a heap but you never get the stringy bits then. It’s also great if you grill or roast it – seems to make it sweeter. Sounds a yummy dinner.

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