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some days i can find no inspiration to cook. and some days i worry that max is suffering from my apathy. he’s not too fussy with what he eats, and can even be quite adventurous. but he’s still pretty much yr typical 3 year old who picks out the mushrooms and olives and has a pathological hatred of onions. i can’t really blame him because i only began to like all of the above things when i was about 20! thankfully he has no problems with broccoli and loves raw carrots and cherry tomatoes and all fruits so my nutritional conscience is somewhat appeased.

when i think he needs an extra vege boost i make this pasta for him, and he loves it. it is nothing new or special, but useful when you want to make YRSELF feel better about yr child’s consumption of vegetables! i got the recipe from annabel karmel, but unlike her version, i usually ditch the marscapone.

hidden vegetable pasta

– garlic, onions, tinned tomatoes or sugo, assorted veges (whatever you have around – carrots, zucchinis, mushies, leeks etc etc)

– proceed to make a tomato-based sauce as per usual : saute and onions and garlic and then add the veges, then the tomato stuff.
– add some water or stock, bring to the boil and then simmer until everything is tender.
– then the genius bit: blend everything together until it is smooth, lump-free and none of the veges are recognisable in their natural state. usually it turns out to be an orangey kind of colour but the selling point is that it is a smooth sauce and thus picky toddlers cannot single out any offending veges.
– add some parmesan and mix thru cooked pasta.

– watch in amazement as yr kiddie eats 2 or more bowlfuls! wow! think fo all those veges they have unknowingly consumed, and go to bed happy.
: )


9 thoughts on “kids stuff

  1. I will be giving this a try!
    I have a version of spagetti bolognaise to which I add finely grated vegetables. It used to be popular with my children but it doesn’t pass the fuss-o-meter anymore. Your recipe goes one step further in sneakiness. Thanks
    And Happy Mother’s Day!

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