the white stuff

phew, it’s been an exhausting few days, with little time to eat and not much appetite on all our parts. max is still fighting off the nasty tummy bug and is reduced a mere shadow of his former self, poor babe, and still cannot keep much down. it’s a strictly white food diet for him for now – zwieback, pasta, rice etc. high point of the whole affair was sitting down to dinner last night, having prepared a nourishing chicken soup, and max puking at the table…yes, including into his bowl!!!!!! SO disgusting, i had to just shut my eyes and not look. not his fault of course, but somehow i just didn’t feel like eating the rest of my soup…back to that ol’ stalwart, bread and nutella (plus a fortifying glass of red wine). the jar of nutella is the most popular thing in our household at the moment!

yesterday at migros i discovered to my delight that last year’s favourite seasonal yoghurt is back in production – belle hèléne (chocolate and pear). so good! it is not too sweet, slightly sourish, with a good chocolatey flavour and colour, and satisfying chunks of pear throughout.


sell by: 21.05
consume by: 27.05
note ‘yoghurt’ in 3 languages, as is everything here (makes for very busy graphic design on all products. sometimes they squeeze in 4!) – german, french, italian.


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