finally, i think, we are all in reasonably good health (touching wood and crossing fingers). it’s been a long 2 weeks. bruno was the last of us to feel better, and boy, did he make sure we knew just how bad he was feeling. men are such pathetic wimps when they are sick! : ) you’d think they were on their last legs from the pitiful moaning and pleading looks and whimpers. i have to admit, he was pretty sick, tho, much worse than me. both he and i got some sort of nasty flu with a gastro kick at the end of it. a friend gave us a home remedy, which worked wonders – perhaps coincidence, perhaps not, but whatever, it put bruno’s system back into good working order, if you know what i mean. i had actually heard of something like this somewhere, but never tried it. so, next time you get hit with the awful gastro bug, and are desperate to try something, try this:

gastro carrots

– peel and chop a few carrots – 3 or 4
– cover well with water and cook until a soft, mushy paste – at least 2 hours!
– take care not to let the carrots burn – add more water but keep the whole lot simmering.
– feed the patient a couple of spoonfuls, and wait to see if the incredible binding effect takes place!

NB: if the patient is having trouble keeping food down, perhaps wait with this remedy until the worst of the vomiting is over. it has a better effect on the other end of things.


10 thoughts on “gastronomic!

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