this morning, after a long absence, atomic coffee returned to the breakfast table. yayyy! bruno’s fabulous atomic coffee maker has been sitting forlornly on the bench for many a month now, so we thought it time to rejuvenate it and have some decent coffee for brekky. we’d forgotten just what excellent coffee it makes….


of course, it’s all in the timing, but get it right and you can have a perfect cup of strong coffee with nicely steamed milk to savour with yr muesli or eggs or whatever. it takes a bit longer than a a basic plunger coffee, but it’s SO worth it. and the machine itself looks so cool, with it’s gleaming aluminium curves (but, a step towards alzheimer’s with every cup?! eeek).



3 thoughts on “atomic

  1. That espresso maker is gorgeous. And, honestly, the amount of aluminum you would have to ingest would probably require you to have at least 12 coffees a day, every day.
    Enjoy, guilt-free! Or…if you’re looking to off-load the machine…let me know! Where’d you get it, by the way?

  2. off-load the sacred atomic? no way! sorry! bruno got it in sydney a few years ago. an australian company (‘bon trading’) in sydney gets them made in italy and then sells them in oz. they are bit of a design classic, designed by brevetti robbiatti. as far as i know they only sell them in australia…they are much sought after, and apparently there is a waiting list for them. prices are from anywhere between AUD395 – 500, but they have been known to surface in garages and second hand shops (a friend of ours found one in a fleamarket for $5).

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