this morning i received the first of my friday night amazon book binge purchases (thanks a lot, wendy!) – ‘toast’ by nigel slater. i love amazon. so quick, so cheap (i have discovered the used book section, and even including postage, when you can buy books for £0.01, who can resist??? books are so bloody expensive here, and i read fast).

but back to ‘toast’. i’ve been wanting to read it for ages, but have been waiting for it to come out in paperback (being too stingy to pay fr50 for an afternoon’s reading). while i was trawling amazon on friday night looking for ‘mes confitures’ (excellent jam book recommended by wendy) i came across it in the used books section….and a mere 4 days later i have it in my hot little hands. it did indeed provide an immensely enjoyable afternoon’s reading, held open while i made an eggplant and ricotta lasgane thingy (surprisingly delicious for something which looked so ugly). except now all i want to do it make puddings and sponge cakes. damn you, nigel!

on the coffee front….i’ve been good. so i am rewarding myself with a late-night espresso : ) followed by a shot of fresh grapefruit juice. mmmmmm.


16 thoughts on “toast

  1. Have great fun with the book. I’m looking forward to discovering which are your favorites, and why.
    And I must admit I’m a book addict as well: At one point I calculated how many recipes are in my library, and therefore how many new dishes I’d have to cook per week in order to explore the entire contents. The answer was scary. Something like nine per week, assuming that I lived to 90, cooked every week (ie, no vacations…) and never got sick!
    Which made me realize – I’m already a bit, ah, sick!

  2. Yes, mc does have some quince jams (13 in fact). Things which caught my eye:
    – Quince, Orange and Cardamom
    – Apple and Quince with Star Anise
    – Quince with Fresh and Preserved Ginger
    – Quince with clove, cinnamon, and cardamom

  3. oh my god! these sound SO amazing! i can’t wait to get my copy of this fantastic book and start getting all sticky and jammy again. anything with cardamom is good in my book….

  4. Cavs Frustrated by Gooden Talks

    now seems to have frustrated both sides, writes Brian Windhorst of THE BEACON JOURNAL. Following initial contract talks earlier this month

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