berry good

my kitchen has suddenly gotten much more colourful lately. even lola has been getting into the berry scheme of things, as you can see:


at the moment she is enjoying apple, blackberry and cherry fruit puree, and beetroot and carrot vege smush (with a few peas thrown in for good measure). a warning note to any unsuspecting parents planning on feeding their babe beetroot for the first time (if you didn’t already know) – it’s the same colour when it comes out the other end. don’t be scared!

lola is really enjoying her food. the girl will eat practically anything you give her, chicken strips, slices of cheese, broccoli florets, the hardest crusts of bread, lumpy rice, pasta shapes – as long as it is what we’re having. even tho she hasn’t the slightest hint of teeth yet, she manages to gnaw and gum her way thru everything. when we go shopping and she is sitting in the trolley she bends down and gnaws at my arm like a dog with a bone (complete with sound effects!). i dread to think what she will be like once she gets some teeth and learns to use them…..


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