tv dinner

found myself dining alone tonight – kids in bed, bruno out with a friend – and so tired i could barely lift a finger to cook. made myself some comfort food, poured a glass of red wine and ate it all sitting in front of the telly….lovely. and now i’m off to bed.

comfort food

– cook yr favourite pasta in lots of boiling salted water
– when ready, put into a nice deep bowl and load up with as much fresh unsalted butter and parmesan as you dare.
– toss to melt the butter and give it all a good grinding of pepper.
– scarf while still hot, with red wine, in front of mindless, undemanding telly…..


7 thoughts on “tv dinner

  1. I too was in the mood for comfort food today. Mine was scrambled egg with morels, made a bit more decadent with a spoonful of crème fraîche that I had on hand. I think I might crave your pasta tomorrow night.

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