was reading this article about gadgets in the sydney morning herald…i agree with choice mag, i think my rice cooker is the best gadget i own – altho they put it at second behind the water filter, i definitely put it in first place. it’s amazing how many things go with rice. i use it at least 3 or 4 times a week and every time i think how much i love it. i’ve never been able to cook rice properly (despite many careful instructions from friends), but was never able to make the rice i remembered my nana making – drier and with separate grains. we bought the rice cooker and wahey! the rice of my childhood. i could live on rice and soy sauce. i often make some just for myself for lunch, with soy sauce and a 3 minute egg when i’m short of time and can’t stand around the stove making something hot. in fact…..i could do with some right now cos i’m starving! we didn’t buy a fancy one, just a basic model, but it was worth every cent of the 60 or so francs it cost.

most useless gadget – bread machine : ) although i was enthusiastic at first, i soon came to despise the pale, crumbly loaves i kept making. and switzerland has SUCH fantastic bread that i couldn’t bear to miss out on it.

oh, and my other favourite gadget – zyliss salad spinner. i never thought i’d own one of these totally mumsy things, but i LOVE it. i hate wet salad leaves with a passion – the only thing i hate more is drying said salad leaves with a bloody teatowel or whatever. my salad spinner is amazing – a few whizzes and it’s perfectly dry. in fact, we have trained max to do it (he loves spinning it) so salad is even less hassle for us. it comes with a lid so after you have finished spinnignit you take off the spinning lid and put the other one and hey presto! a salad crisper that keeps the salad perfectly for quite a few days. i couldn’t imagine living without it now!


8 thoughts on “gadgets

  1. Only about a week ago I was thinking “Hmmm, I wonder what kitschenette’s fave kitchen gadgets are?” Et voila! Thank you.
    Love my rice cooker. Never thought of the rice, soy and egg lunch. Sounds good: carbs, protein, warming and filling.
    I have a very cheap salad spinner and must update.
    My bread maker sits in the bottom of my pantry. The children sit next to it and pretend it is a little television, gazing into the viewing window and pressing the control buttons: “What would you like to watch now?”
    I also love my saucepan and steamer combo; use it every nite without fail. I can’t live without steamed broccoli and sweet potato.
    So grateful I received good German knives for my wedding present 10 years ago. Chop, chop, chop.
    Which reminds me how I enjoy the feel of my 2 lovely wooden chopping boards.
    Oh, I could continue by listing all the kitchen items I covet, but then it would become *my* food blog and not yours!! ;))
    I’d love to hear more about your gadgets.

  2. Can someone please help me. When I was a child my mother had a kitchen gadget. It was calle a Kabob-it. It was electric. and it made kabobs. I don’t know the manufacturer but I am trying to find one. If anyone can please help let me know.

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