jam face

jamsoh, such a long time between posts! shall have to rectify that. i have been writing posts in my head but just have not been able to get near the pooter.

we’ve been madly jam-making here, it being summer and all. mum has been a most efficient helper, so we’ve made jars and jars of the sticky good stuff. we’ve made:

– strawberry jam – see previous post

– apricot jam: alas, sullied by the addition of pectin – never again, made it too jellied and with a weird taste. i tried to avoid last years’ too-runny apricot jam and cheated by adding some pectin which certainly made it set but had unwanted side effects (funny taste). never again! i only like fruit, sugar and lemon juice in my jams. i know i could have used christine ferber’s green apple jelly for the same effect but i didn’t have time to make it. oh well, it still tastes ok. and bruno is coming back from the valais today with some beautiful french apricots for more apricot jam.

– redcurrant jam: very tart, made from berries grown in bruno’s parents’ garden. a very bright, fresh red colour. max loves it.

– black cherry and raspberry jam: inspired by christine ferber! i love her book ‘mes confiture’ but to be frank i don’t really have time to make the jam exactly like she specifies, over a couple of days. so i’ve just used her ideas for jam combinations and made them the good old way. perhaps the jam is not quite as lovely as hers undoubtedly is, but it’s still pretty good! the combination of cherry and raspberry is quite extraordinarily delicious. i love how the gorgeous perfume of the raspberry mixes so well with the darkness of the cherry. possibly my fave jam to date.

– raspberry jam, more or less seedless: i do so love raspberry jam. but i’m not so enamoured with the pips that go with it. so last night mum and i attempted a seedless jam by mouli-ing the pulp. we got a few trillion seeds out of the mixture but there were still a few thousand floating around. still, it set wonderfully and with a glorious fresh crimson colour. fantastic for breakfast this morning.

– jams to come: more apricot. definitely some blackberry when they come into season. then some plum, if we’re still here in time for them. i think we should have enough to last us til next summer, then!


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