junk, junk, and more junk

i’ve been a wicked, wicked girl.

arrived safely back in oz (read about it here), starving after a 2 day diet of airplane food. lost a couple of kgs in the process, definitely not a diet i would recommend, yuuurgh. after months of drooling over what foods i would stuff myself with when i got back home – seafood, fresh juices, flat breads, sushi, mangoes etc etc – what did i eat? junk. there WAS some sushi in there, and some fresh juice (carrot, apple and ginger, one of my all-time faves), but for the most part i have been happily rediscovering the crappier side of food life – sliced white bread, donuts, baked beans, 2 minute noodles, sliced cheese, even instant coffee! i’m planning a big fish n chip feast this weekend, and i reckon i can squeeze in some peking duck sometime soon, too. all that fat, salt, grease, sugar and preservatives tastes sooooooo good. i suppose it’s because i’ve been away from all that stuff for so long (altho you can get some of the afore-mentioned food in CH, i don’t really eat it), and maybe even because i’ve shifted into real holiday mode. guilty pleasures : )

junk food aside, the avocado sushi and fresh juice i had a couple of days ago tasted SO fantastic. and i found the same delicious mandarine juice that i used to love so much (altho they still insist on calling it ‘mandarin’ juice). watermelons are the sweetest, juiciest and reddest that lola and max have ever stuffed into their gaping maws. max has even discovered the joys of sandwiches – we don’t often have them at home, because i can never slice the bread evenly or thinly enough to make a decent sandwich. ok, we have bread rolls, but when you grow up with flat sandwiches, there ain’t no substitute. avocado, cheese and tomato on wholemeal bread – mmmmm. i lived on those sandwiches when i was pregnant with max.

i am amazed at how cheap it all is. a few things i have found more expensive, namely fresh coffee. but so many things are ridiculously cheap ie. 6 donuts for 95c!!! (i confess to being caught out by the tempting display at the check-out, the one which is placed there purely to tempt children and annoy mothers). meat and chicken and fish are cheap as chips compared to CH. i have noticed some weird mutant cross-bred fruit n veges: mum bought an iceberg lettuce which was as tightly furled as a cabbage. i had to peel the leaves off as you would a cabbage, and it even gave off a distinctly cabbage-y smell…..a bin of washed potatoes were as big as apples, and so clean and transparently white that they looked totally unappetising. give me dirty spuds anyday.

i have been doing a little cooking, mainly from the latest issue of delicious. i really like this magazine, it has great recipes, it’s no fuss, and it also has illustrations by the lovely priscilla. i think i shall have to take out a subscription when i get back to CH, even tho it’s such a bummer when the seasons are upside down and around. i made beef stroganoff from bill granger’s easy family food article, and tonight i’m making the banana caramel self-saucing pudding*.

i can’t wait to get to sydney and re-visit some of my old foodie haunts. better get cracking and book my tickets!

* just tried to find a link to the recipes but the oz delicious website doesn’t have any recipes. bummer. i shall post them when i get a chance, they are very yummy


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