more atomic and other stuff

sorry i have been so lax lately! i don’t know what has come over me….just busy, i suppose. life gets in the way, y’know how it is.

re. the atomic: i’ve had a couple of requests for more info on Bon Trading, but the only useful thing i can provide is the phone no. and address:

Bon Trading Co.
U 12/ 12 Oxford St
Woollahra 2025
NSW Australia

ph. (02) 9331 2007

apparently the old lady who holds the patent/manufacturing rights is pretty grumpy! the wonderful atomic is made in italy but then shipped out to oz. as far as i know they aren’t available in italy, though. oh and there is apparently a long, long, waiting list for a new one. you might strike it lucky through eBay, however. good luck!

re. the kebob/kebab? maker: i have to confess i have no idea! but a quick google leads me to think you are after the Wear-Ever Kabob-It Hors D’oeuvre Meal Maker, or the Wear-Ever Kabob-It Electric Meal Maker Rotisserie. there seem to be a few available on eBay. i couldn’t find a picture but i’d love to see one. so good luck, too!


7 thoughts on “more atomic and other stuff

  1. G’day
    I have a Atomic Coffee Machine which I love but sadly the handle is broken on the cup. Does anyone have any ideas on a replacement handle?

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