at the moment i am really enjoying the bbc’s food website. it has so much useful information regarding nutrition and diet, as well as an amazing treasure trove of recipes from all those fancy pants celebrity chefs. plus, it has a nifty recipe binder feature.

after reading through some of the vegetarian pages i’ve been inspired to make a lentil and tomato soup for dinner tonight. i’m a bit over meat. maybe that will be my new year’s resolution – eat less meat. i was a vegetarian for 7 years until i had max, and then i found i craved red meat, probably to replenish the iron reserves so depleted by pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. i’ve eaten meat since then, and more so since we moved to switzerland where meat alternatives (fish, seafood, various tofu products) aren’t so easily available. so, less meat, more pulses, grains and nuts!!!!!


9 thoughts on “meat-less

  1. Fish oils may boost young brains

    The report appears to be based on the results of a study conducted in a primary school in the UK. It was not possible to fully evaluate the findings as

  2. Finisar on track to double Texas wafer fab capacity

    the latest three-month period, which ended on April 30, revenue from sales of optical components and subsystems rose 9.2 percent sequentially

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