mass production

phew. just finished kneading a double batch of zopf – that’s a whopping 2kgs of flour bashed around by yrs truly. i’ve now got the ginormous forearms of a well-seasoned old sailor, and my muscles are all a-tremble from all the unaccustomed exercise.

i’ve been meaning to increase production of zopf loaves for some time now, as i always want to give out extra loaves to our favourite people but never have enough – usual output is a piddly 3 loaves per batch (one for us, one for bruno’s parents, one for peter and steffi). but the thought of handling all that dough has quite frankly scared the pants off me. even now, the double batch of dough is threatening to break loose from the gladwrapped bowl and take over the kitchen bench, and i’ve only just finished kneading it! anyway, i thought i’d give it a try today. fortified myself with a few bracing cups of coffee and kneaded away…2kgs of flour, 200g butter, 1.2L of bio milk, 2 Tb salt, and it will later need the yolks of 4 eggs to glaze all 6 of the loaves i will make. crikey.

at one time i thought to go into commercial production making zopf, as everyone seems to love it. however, seeing as my maximum output has been 3 loaves which take a number of hours to prepare (admittedly much of that is spent waiting around for the dough to rise, not actively doing anything), i reasoned that it would not really be a profitable exercise. however, if i had that kitchenaid…… : ) actually, even that would probably be too small. i’d need a massive commercial mixer, and a huge oven to bake the loaves. one small domestic oven certainly wouldn’t cut the mustard with that lot. well, maybe one day if we ever go back to oz i will think about it again.

now, who has been nice enough to me lately to warrant a loaf of freshly baked zopf….


(this is an old picture, taken by the lovely michael a couple of years (!!!) ago)


One thought on “mass production

  1. This is beautiful bread. I was excited to find your recipe, but then I realized that this is one of those delicacies inextricably tied to place — American butter, American milk, American flour will produce an entirely different loaf. So I guess I’ll have to wait until I get to return to Switzerland to bake up your gorgeous zopf….Thanks for that baking fantasy.

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