turkish delight

i’ve been getting lots of hits lately from people coming from this gorgeous site. unfortunately, it’s written in turkish, so i’m at a loss as to what she is saying : ) however, the food looks fantastic. and, i’ve just discovered an english version of her site. i’d love to try some of the recipes, perhaps the lovely little fig cakes, or the peas with olive oil (because i’m still in love with peas), or these (i’m not sure what they are but they look delicious!).

other food blogs i’m enjoying lately: not just desserts (from the lovely lushlife) for tropical brisvegas food delights; the hungry tiger, for gorgeous photos and beautiful vegetarian food, cooking for engineers, for those of you with logically-inclined minds (i do not count myself along you, however); orangette; a spoonful of sugar; and movable feast, for a chef’s view on things.

things are pretty quiet on the cooking front in the kitschenette household. lola has a tummy bug and is back to eating stewed apples and such. today i will also make her the amazing, wondrous gastro carrots to help her along.

however, the weekend approaches. i’ve a hankering to make another sticky date pudding. perhaps with a roasted chook or two. we’ve been eating lots of vegetarian meals so i think we can break loose and feast on a chicken to celebrate the weekend. and, seeing as last week’s mass zopf production was such a success, i think i will repeat the experience.

amazon kindly delivered this book up to my doorstep yesterday. it’s very nice. but perhaps a little too old for max to use on his own yet. we’ve been doing quite a bit of baking together, now that he has his new apron that he got for christmas. like all kids, he loves to lick the bowl after we’ve finished makign the cake. however, hallelujah, he also loves to wash up! let’s hope that he never loses that interest.

i’m also waiting for this and this.


10 thoughts on “turkish delight

  1. Hi Cherie, thanks for the compliments! i love your recipes & photos too. (especially your zopf recipe looks fantastic) the last recipe that you mentioned is ginger-pear hand pies (martha stewart living, jan 05). i’ll send you the original recipe via e-mail. also i should update the english version of my site 🙂

  2. Thanks for the referral – god knows I was inspired by the bountiful and beautiful Red Kitchen in the first place. Which I could decipher that turkish blog too – it looks fantastic. Finally getting my act into gear and posting recipes on my family cooking stuff – better late than never. Oh reminds me another tip I heard about prohibiting gastro is to start making rice and give the sick kiddie some of the cooled rice water. I think the theory is all that gluten will form a plug. I tried it once I couldn’t determine how successful though because I couldn’t get much into Elliot. But it couldn’t hurt in any case.

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