test kitchen

i am recently of the opinion that my cooking, as well as this blog, is getting a little tired and perfunctory. both have been sadly neglected. so, taking inspiration from the great blog 101 cookbooks, where heidi has been slowly working her way through her massive cookbook collection, i’ve decided to start working my way through my cookbooks, and try some new and different things. hooray! i hear you say. yes, i’m pleased too, and i’m sure the rest of the family will be happy to see some variety on the table for a change. although of course they should just be grateful that i remember to feed them at all : )

i’m going to try to do a least one new recipe a week. i’ll rate it for:

– deliciousness (entirely subjective)

– degree of difficulty

– kid friendliness (helping as well as eating)

– aesthetics

– recipe accuracy (measurements, instructions etc)

… out of 5 stars, i think.

so now to find the first recipe….

stay tuned for the first exciting instalment of the kitschenette Test Kitchen!!!


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