weekend eats

i know it’s tuesday, almost wednesday, but here’s some stuff we ate over the weekend:


a tarte tatin, courtesy of orangette via saucy. i have to admit it didn’t turn out very aesthetically pleasing. my apple configuration was very haphazard, and the slices migrated around in the sticky caramel, but no matter. it tasted wonderful. with some thick oozing double cream from lac de la gruyere, not a flake of pastry nor a translucent piece of apple was left. i am going to try it again this friday evening, when we have some friends around for dinner. this time i want it to look perfect!


sunday kitchen sink dinner. asparagus, brie and smoked trout frittata. surprisingly good for a slapdash dinner. even the kiddies loved it – lola had 3 (small) slices! often kids like stronger tastes than grown-ups give them credit for, i find.

i also made some yummy fat buttermilk pancakes for brekkie on sunday morning (no time for pics, sorry, too busy stuffing my face). i am finding quite a few uses for the carton of buttermilk in my fridge left over from my last banana cake frenzy. we ate them with cream cheese (so evil, soooo good), a soft, rosy pink quince jam (rather than jelly) made by bruno’s mother, and fresh strawberries. 


we’ve got a busy weekend ahead. friends for dinner on friday night (maybe vietnamese rice wraps?), easter brunch on sunday with bruno’s family, and the usual trillion small meals and snacks in between. shops are closed over the holiday break so i will have to do some judicious shopping and planning – never my forte. i shall also be making a small mountain of zopf for all those we know and love – my poor arm muscles!!!


8 thoughts on “weekend eats

  1. That frittata is *gorgeous*! Asparagus, brie, and smoked trout–what an ingenious combination. Yum, yum. And I’m so glad to see that you tried the tarte Tatin, even if wasn’t picture-perfect…second time’s a charm, maybe? I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

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