on wednesday i did a lot of cooking:

– a banana cake with cream cheese icing

– a flourless chocolate and hazelnut cake – i substituted hazelnut meal for almond meal(unfortunately the ganache topping failed miserably, more on that later)

– spätzle with peas and chicken

– tofu and vege green curry with rice

– rhubarb, apple and blackberry crumble

– giant pot of stewed apples (devoured by hungry toddler on same day)

that’s a lot of cooking, considering i had to do the shopping, drop max off and pick him up and do various boring household chores as well.

the cakes were for bruno’s birthday, which was on monday. in switzerland when it is your birthday YOU take in a cake to celebrate you birthday, not (as in australia) the office all chipping in and buying you a cake. hmm. there are so many people in bruno’s office that it required two cakes to feed them all. the banana cake turned out nicely, but i was annoyed with myself for buggering up the choccy cake – i slightly over cooked it (not too much of a problem since it was a flourless cake which is very moist anyway), and made a total mess of the ganache i was planning to ‘ice’ it with. i knew i should have used a bowl over simmering water to melt the chocolate and cream together, instead of direct heat. but then neither nigella or stephanie alexander mentioned this necessity, so i thought i should just follow their instructions and it owuld all be fine and dandy.

but no.

my beautiful thick, smooth ganache split and curdled just before the last chocolate bit melted. that will teach me. i’ve never melted chocolate any way  other than over a pot over simmering water, so i didn’t know the warning signs to look out for….but now i do. sigh. how annoying! i was planning to thickly slather the cake with the ganache, then top it with whole roasted hazelnuts, which makes for a very wicked, chocolate-y cake which looks amazing. i’ve made this cake once before, but ages ago, so i obviously didn’t remember the finer points of ganache-making, considering the curdled mess i made of it on thursday.

i’m meeting some friends on tuesday morning so perhaps i will have another go at it. it does annoy me to not to make something perfectly.

stay tuned.


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