Bits and bobs

Oh hallelujah, summer is finally upon us. All the delectable summer fruits and berries are appearing, and I love it. Yesterday I went wild at the supermarket buying cherries, apricots, watermelon, and nectarines. The smell is fantastic, all sun-ripened and delicious. Angus, we’ve had to break out the cherrymat!

I’ve made two more batches of our favourite strawberry and vanilla jam using farm fresh strawberries from the farm up the road, and I’ve got my eye on the ripening cherries on the cherry tree at peter and steffi’s lakehouse. As soon as they are ripe I’ll be sending Bruno up the big ladder with the wicker basket to pick as many as he can. The kitschenette household does like a good cherry jam.

Otherwise, there’s not been much cooking in the Red Kitchen. Minimal effort meals are the order of the day – fresh rice wraps, cous cous with fish marinated in lime juice, baked beans (! the kiddies have decided they like them now, hooray), home-made pizzas, bircher muesli. Tonight it’s that old favourite, corn cakes, with roasted cherry toms and garlicky green beans (and Lucinda, I’m sure the tinned corn was just as delicious as fresh corn! There’s no time for slavishly following recipes when there are hungry youngsters around). And mayonnaise and dead horse, I mean tomato sauce*, of course : )

I had a request from A Dessert Fiend for the recipe for a sponge cake I made a while back. I made one over the weekend but it was such a dismal failure I couldn’t bring myself to take pictures : ) It was my own fault, I should know well enough by now not to bake when I am distracted and in a hurry. It tasted fine but looked a mess! I shall attempt another one soon, and post the recipe.

* Does anyone else aside from me totally love the new Heinz Top Down Tomato Ketchup bottles? Such excellent design. I mean, how many years did Heinz use the traditional sauce bottle which had to be shaken and up-ended, always with an encrusted mess around the neck. I applaud the industrial designer who completely re-designed it to sit on its lid. And the clean squirt-thingy! Absolute genius.



8 thoughts on “Bits and bobs

  1. Mmmm. Lots of yummy stuff here today. We love cherry jam at our house. I once had a friend offer to pay me to make him a whole case he liked it so much. I declined mostly because I think the other members of my family would have shot me had I given any of it away.
    My big favorite at the moment is a rhubarb apricot conserve recipe that I got from my husband’s grandmother.
    And I totally agree about the ketchup bottles. Genius. They have it for mustard and mayo too now…relish should be next.

  2. Okay, update time. I just got back from Costco to discover that they do have upside down relish bottles. Now my summer condiment needs are complete .

  3. Hi,
    Yes, you’re right. Summer is approaching to us with long steps. We’re almost 30degrees. So it’s hot. Although I spend much time in office equipped with airconditioning, it’s too hot. It’s good to have different fresh fruits to bear this heat.
    I think also that heinze ketchup design is so good.

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