Red is the new red

Here in the kitschenette household we are loving this new thermos I bought for Max at Ikea. It’s so very red!

Every second Thursday the kindergarteners spend the afternoon in the forest, sawing bits of wood, jumping on frozen streams, getting muddy and just generally communing with nature. It’s so cold now that their teacher suggested packing a thermos of tea to warm the little darlings up. So yesterday Max trotted off with a flask full of steaming hot peppermint tea, and very happy he was, too. When he got home he and Lola drank another flask full of tiger tea (it’s especially for kids). Then more for breakfast! The tiger tea gets the thumbs up from us – rooibus, lemongrass, lemon verbena, peppermint, apple and orange zest, mmm.




13 thoughts on “Red is the new red

  1. Read The New York Times piece today that referenced you and the “super grumpy mummy syndrome” – very funny! I get the same way if I’m hungry – maybe we’re all hypoglycemic?

  2. Hi Luisa
    Is the piece out already?! I haven’t even seen it. Do you have a link at all?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if I was hypoglycaemic. But I all the tests done when I was preggers with the grommets, and apparently I’m not. So maybe I’m just plain ol’ grumpy : )

  3. Apogen to turn New Orleans naval base into IT center

    the backing of the Louisiana congressional delegation and state and city leaders, will be led by retired Marine Corps Maj. Gen.

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