Lovely lovely eggs

I bought these almost unbelievably beautiful eggs today at a local farm – smooth, brown, round and perfect. They are so lovely that it seems a shame to cook them.

I so love a brown egg, especially when cooked just the way I like it – not soft-boiled, not hard-boiled, but somewhere in between, with a sprinkling of salt, some thick, buttered toasty bread and a cup of steaming hot tea (or coffee if it’s the weekend).




8 thoughts on “Lovely lovely eggs

  1. hey, do you get paid for yr appearance in the NY Times? that’s so cool, you know! i’m so jealous i’m reduced to cliches 😉

  2. Picarro Demonstrates 25x Improvement in Reliability of 488-nm Laser Over Current Industry Standard

    the results of a reliability study of its solid-state 488 nm lasers for bio-instrumentation. The study shows a 25x improvement in

  3. Suns begin Western Confernce Finals versus Mavericks

    great addition if that was so.
    The game is in Dallas, but I expect the Suns to be a little fresher and take Game 1.
    In other news:

  4. Former Farmer Feels at Home in Oklahoma

    said Chandler, born in Hanford, Calif., about 30 miles south of Fresno. ‘I milked the cows, fed the cows, fed the pigs and chickens. We had some

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