Lola chopping zucchinis

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Lola loves to help me prepare dinner, and for her age she is surprisingly good at chopping and slicing. I do feel a slight anxiety about her wielding a knife, but I give her one that isn’t too sharp and watch her like a hawk.
Here she is chopping zucchinis for vege soup. She was so absorbed in her task, I love the look of concentration on her face.


5 thoughts on “Lola chopping zucchinis

  1. This is off the topic ( spose I should begin by saying, hello- I found your site via Chocolate and zucchini, i am a member, then dagroot then to you). But as a mother of a two year old girl, Lulu, I just love Lola’s dress/long top. Could I ask you where you found it?
    I know it sounds simple but this kind of simple design is very hard to find in Australia- and I am in the country to boot.
    I will now return to looking at your site!
    Thank you

  2. Hi Georgia,
    I love her dress/long shirt, too. It’s made by Petit Bateau, a French company who do very sweet underthings (knickers, vests, pjs) as well as some other basics (t-shirts, dresses etc), all made of the most wonderfully soft cotton. This dress (it’s more of a long shirt for her now that she has grown, see how short it is on her wrists?) is made of super-thick, super-soft cotton and says ‘je suis une sirène…’. I must confess that I didn’t buy it new though, I bought it at a children’s clothes exchange (a popular thing here in CH). There are lots of stores throughout Europe (although no stand-alone boutiques in CH – in CH, try Jelmoli for the underthings). Thanks for reading!

  3. Thank you kitschenette. I appreciate your reply.
    And I am enjoying your site. Especially all your little book reviews. And the flickr is impressive!
    All the best,

  4. Hello,
    I just wanted to say Lola is so sweet and this is one of the wonderful things on being parents. I hope one day I have a baby girl like Lola.
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Right, after seeing that pic I’m putting my kids to work. No more faffing about with whisking eggs and licking cake bowls. They’re going to be chopping!
    Gorgeous photo.

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