It has occurred to me that I haven’t posted in a very, very long time. I don’t know why. We are still eating. I am still shoppping, and cooking and taking photos. Well, I will resolve to do better from now on.

I am rediscovering the joys of bircher muesli for brekky. And the joys of lovely luscious fruit. I bought a tray of mangoes from the Engrosmarkt* for CHF6 on Saturday, and although they didn’t look much, they are divine. Really ripe, fragrant and juicy. We have been enjoying them everyday, in smoothies, in bircher muesli, in slices and cubes eaten straight from the chilled cheeks…so good!

I’ve just prepped a bircher muesli for brekky tomorrow (or should I say later this morning, as it is very very late, way past my bedtime, but I was waiting up for Bruno who went to see the Dead Kennedy’s play in Winterthur. Yes, I thought they were dead, too, but apprently not), with masses of strawberries and mango, to be eaten with glops of cherry yoghurt. Now that is something to look forward to in the midst of the morning rush.

* For the information of any Zürich residents, the Engrosmarkt (fruit and vegetable wholesale market) is open to the public between 8 – 10am each Saturday morning. It is well worth going. We (a group of about 9 families) have set up a little fruit n veg cooperative and take it in turns to go and buy in bulk for everyone. A huge box of seasonal fruit n veg costs somewhere between CHF14 – 25 per week, depending on what is in season and what looks good etc.  This is a post in itself, which I will elaborate on another time.


3 thoughts on “Resolve

  1. Hi! I have been lurking about for a quite a while and thought I would say I am SO HAPPY you have resolved to post more regularly! Food blogs are my favorite way to distract myself from work, and yours is my very favorite of all! I think you’re a terrific writer, and it doesn’t hurt that you have the same taste in food as me, children almost the same age, and a “mixed marriage” as I do (altho I am American, married to a German, and living just outside New York, only dreaming of relocating to Europe….) …. Anyway, I wanted to finally show my face, as it were, and encourage you to keep up with your writing, it’s really wonderful. Thanks! –Jennifer

  2. Hi,
    I too have been “lurking” around for some time. I love taking a look at your site when I need some inspiration for dinner or dessert and I can relate to your take on the Swiss lifestyle – I recently (well.. 8 months now) made the move to Zurich from California. Its great to hear how other foreigners live and eat here too!
    Also, I am curious about the Engrosmarkt- I will try and check it out, but a post about it would be cool too!
    Merci vielmals, wiedersehen,

  3. So glad you’re back! I love kitschenette and the red kitchen– just up my alley. I was soooo sad when you hadn’t posted in a while, thinking you had gone and quit the blogosphere. I so enjoy your writing and your take on childrearing, cooking, and living in a foreign environment. Thanks so much for brightening my day!

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