Picnic in the park

I loved this article about picnics. Makes me want to bundle up a thermos of instant coffee and a stack of squashy sandwiches and head for the park.

Actually, tomorrow we may just do that. It’s the 1st of August, but because of the heatwave fireworks, bbqs and grills have been outlawed, so the home-packed picnic will be reigning supreme. I’ll roast a chook, slice up some chilled watermelon, pack up the hommous I made the other day with some pitta breads for dipping, oh and let’s not forget the banana cake made with the extremely over-ripened bananas (the squashy black ones make the best cakes), apples, beverages and that should do us.

Hmm, now I think about it I also have a roll of frozen chocolate chipper dough that I could whack in the oven for some freshly-baked cookies…

Oh! and I could also make marinated tofu rice wraps if I have time…yes, I suppose I should really start marinating, packing and planning now. Anyway, we’ve finished watching all the Battlestar Galactica episodes in the house, so what else is there to do?


3 thoughts on “Picnic in the park

  1. All of us in Aus are salivating at the thought of your banana cake on the picnic. At $3 a pop our kids are having withdrawal symptoms!! Enjoy.

  2. That is, indeed, a fabulous article. The image of a housewife pulling mustard in a twist of tinfoil out of her cleavage… well, to say the least, it’s evocative.
    And “No one we knew of would dream of drinking wine during the daytime.” Yep, that’s familiar too.

  3. So enjoyed your post and its the middle of winter. We actually go out on winter picnics where we have to keep the wine close to our bodies to keep from getting too cold. The joy of cross country skiing is always better with a picnic at the end:-)

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