Pasta King

Max made Lola and I a fantastic pasta carbonara for dinner tonight, with only minimal help from yours truly. It was great. I could definitely get used to someone else doing the cooking around here!

He was inspired by making and eating it at kindy today for mittagstisch (literally, midday table – the kids stay at kindy to make and eat their lunch together). No matter that we had it for dinner on Saturday night as well, and that he ate it for lunch today, he was so keen to demonstrate his cooking prowess (especially his shell-free egg cracking skills – very good!) that he insisted on making it again for us tonight. I didn’t mind, cos I’m always keen to encourage him to cook. That’s my boy!

Here is the way he made it:

Pasta Carbonara a la Max – for 3 people

2 eggs
1 Tb cream
2 Tb grated parmesan cheese
salt and pepper to taste

speck, bacon or ham for frying, maybe 150g, cut into small pieces or strips
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
a knob of butter

pasta of your choice – we used spirals
parmesan cheese to serve


– Bring a large pot of water to the boil, and then add a good tablespoonful of salt. Add required amount of pasta and stir so it doesn’t stick.
– Crack eggs into a bowl, add cream, cheese and salt and pepper and beat lightly with a fork. Set aside until pasta is cooked.
– Meanwhile, fry speck/bacon/ham gently until lightly browned, adding garlic toward the end and making sure it doesn’t burn (burnt garlic is the pits). Add the knob of butter and let it melt and foam. Smell it – heavenly! Keep warm (without burning) until pasta is cooked.
– When pasta is al dente, drain and then immediately toss the speck through until well mixed.
– Over a very low heat, add the egg mixture and stir until a lovely, unctuous glossy sauce appears – the eggs will cook slightly in the residual heat to make a simple but delicious sauce.
– Season to taste, and serve immediately, with extra .

– Max specified this meal to be served with a green salad, but we didn’t have any so we had carrot sticks which he peeled and chopped himself (with the biggest and scariest knife in the kitchen – I couldn’t bear to watch!!). It was a really delicious meal, and it tasted even better because Max was so proud of himself for making it, and it made a nice change from the other meal he likes to cook, fishfingers and spinach.

McVities chocolate digestives to finish!!!


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