Roasted beetroot

Ok, in answer to yr question Alex – nothing could be simpler than roasting beetroot. Little effort, big reward (the type of cooking I like, lazybones that I am).

– Take some fresh beetroots, preferrably from some loved one’s garden, scrub the dirt off them and discard the leaves and stalks.
– Peel them and watch your fingers turn an attractive pink.
– Chop into manageble chunks (this is dictated a little by what you will be eating them with – a roast that will be a long time in the oven: big chunks which won’t burn with the longer cookign time; want a roasted beet fix in a hurry: small chunks etc etc).
– Splash with olive oil and some vinegar-esque type stuff: I use red wine vinegar, because it has a clearer taste that the caramelly balsamic. Shallot vinegar would be good, too. Toss chunks and add a light sprinkle of salt and pepper.
– Bung the dish in the oven and roast the buggery out of it (a medium to hot oven) until cooked (try piercing one with a sharp knife). But don’t let them burn!
– Excellent with roasts, in fritattas etc but also good in a mixed salad. Don’t forget how spectacularly well beetroot goes with goats’ cheese, so a leafy green salad with beetroot and goat’s cheese is pretty luscious.

PS. Don’t be alarmed by the *ahem* aftermath of eating a lot of beetroot at once – it tends to be same colour going out as it is going in : )


3 thoughts on “Roasted beetroot

  1. I was just givin a bag of fresh picked beets from a local farm and wanted a new idea on how to prepare them, love the roasting tips and will give it a whirl tonight.
    cheers Michelle

  2. The leaves need to be more widely recognised as a veggie in their own right I think! Next time you have beetroot instead of discarding the leaves treat them like chard and try frying them in olive oil and garlic. They’re delicious and such a shame to waste.

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