Party pizza

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Party pizza, originally uploaded by kitschenette.

Pizza ready to go…
Spinach, camembert, proscuitto and rocket.
My beloved trusty mezzaluna tucked underneath.

A mezzaluna beats one of those silly pizza-cutting-wheel thingies hands down. No control, those things, just race off the pizza. The mezzaluna – you have total control (something I always like to have in the kitchen), for a firm, decisive cut. Also good for chopping herbs! And just generally waving around semi-threateningly to make a point – hehhehe.


2 thoughts on “Party pizza

  1. Oh, so it’s called a mezzaluna? Thanks for that incredibly helpful bit of info! I used one at a friends house, in Germany, and I adored it…but I haven’t seen one anywhere in the USA. Knowing the name should be really helpful for finding one.
    And that pizza looks delicious…what a good combination.

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