Ian, lunching

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Ian, lunching, originally uploaded by kitschenette.

The lovely Ian came for a flying visit en route to Konstanz, minus luggage (lost somewhere on the way thru Heathrow, in the chaos and confusion of the bomb scares). Luckily he was, as usual, impeccably dressed for all occasions : )

We strolled around Zürich then came home to our own everyday chaos and confusion for lunch – delicious fennel salami, prosciutto, some type of ham with rosemary, straw rind cheese, chevre, another soft cheese whose name escapes me, and gorgeous fresh raspberries. And far too much wine for the middle of the day (I never drink during the day!)

It was lovely to catch up on 5 years’ worth of gossip; the only bummer being that Leanne couldn’t join us (here you see Ian taking photos for her benefit). Maybe next time?

Hope you’ve finally got all your stuff, Ian!


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