I can’t believe I just ate this

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This afternoon we drove to a little cheese shop in Lichtensteig, which produces artisan cheeses made entirely from unpasteurised milk. They also make their own lovely yoghurt too, in little glass jars.

Despite looking like something that I dragged out from underneath the sofa, this mouldy old goat’s cheese was surprisingly mild. Next to it is a delicious rosemary rind cheese (my favourite). All good with a glass of wine, a bunch of grapes, some local pears, plums and apples, and a loaf of rustic brown bread. Oh and our favourite neighbours, of course!


3 thoughts on “I can’t believe I just ate this

  1. I can’t believe how good it was and was even better with fresh made oat cookies. So good having great neighbours who love food as much as you!!!!!!Thanks for sharing

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