Potluck dinners

A couple of weeks ago we had a surprise potluck Asian food-themed birthday dinner for a good friend of mine, and it was such a success that we all agreed that we should make a habit of it. It was a great meal – smoke-free surrounds (unlike the rest of the civilised world, Switzerland still insists that it’s ok for smokers to fag on in restaurants, completely ruining the dining out experience for me. No matter how fantastic the food, I just can’t enjoy it wreathed in smoke), food better than any restaurant I’ve been to lately, wine, great company, and no rush to clear the table for the next sitting. And of course, remarkably easy to organise  – everyone just brings something.  The food was so good that there was even talk of producing a cookbook of sorts for ourselves.

So this weekend someone else has taken on the mantle of organiser, and has organised an Italian potluck. I’m on starter/antipasti duty along with Ms Fabelhaft, so I consulted my Italian neighbour for some tips and ideas. I’m mad keen to make some devils on horseback, 60’s party staple that they are, kitschy yes, but FAB to eat.


  • A simple caprese salad: tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, dressing – you know the drill, perhaps with cherry tomatoes and tiny (cherry tomato size) mozzarella balls
  • Proscuitto wrapped around grissini
  • Good olives
  • Bruschettas of various types, ie, pesto, sundried tomato paste, tapenade, garlicky mushrooms etc
  • Bagna cauda (garlicky buttery anchovy dip) with raw veges for dipping
  • cheese, salami, prosciutto, walnut platter
  • Goat cheese and rocket wrapped in bresaola, drizzled with a vinaigrette
  • devils on horseback (cheese-stuffed prunes wrapped in bacon and grilled crisp)
  • Goat’s cheese tartlets with green olives, lemon and cream
  • Grilled haloumi with rocket and chilli
  • hot garlic prawns
  • proscuitto, goat’s cheese and fig bundles (there’s that goat cheese again!)

I shall have to consult further with my partner in appetizer crime, and see just what is do-able. It all sounds delicious to me! (maybe that’s because it’s almost dinner time…).

I’ll let you know what we end up eating.


One thought on “Potluck dinners

  1. I found a recipe recently for something almost like devils on horseback. It’s a pitted date, stuffed with a small piece of parmesan, then wrapped in bacon and baked. So yummy.

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