Wishful thinking

  • vegetarian laksa with tofu from happy chef in sydney's chinatown
  • udon noodle soup with tofu, side order os glass noodle salad with sesame
  • fish and chips on the coogee beachfront from chish and fips (seagulls compulsory)
  • cheeseburger and chips  (from the mum and dad takeaway shop up the road from the house where i grew up, maybe with a fried egg in it too!), also eaten beachfront
  • turkish pizza from the turkish place on king st, newtown, sydney
  • hokkien noodles from the wok on inn, west end, brisbane
  • fresh hommous and fresh bread, west end
  • chicken garlic kebab, west end
  • pipis cooked in beer on the beach at maraetai, auckland, nz
  • potato fritters, fried fish, somewhere in auckland, nz

– Great takeaway meals of my lifetime.

Fond memories for a Friday evening where I don't feel like cooking, and because takeaway food still seems to be a foreign concept in Switzerland, at least where I live…


7 thoughts on “Wishful thinking

  1. How about Vietnamese cold spring rolls from just about anywhere? (I am partial to Quan Thanhs on Hardgrave Rd at the moment, esp the tofu ones).
    T/A sushi too.
    Pizza from Wild Pepper on Hardgrave as well. (and remember the Schonell pizzas? I think they are still there even thought the cinema is now defunct).
    No takeaway in Switzerland? How do people cope?

  2. oh yeah, the schonell pizzas!!!! they were/are so awesome. i remember one with potato and blue cheese..
    vietnamese spring rolls are also fab. i remember a place somewhere in the bowels of town hall stationin sydney which made them for you as you waited, fried portk and prawns and all manner of fresh yummy stuff. so delicious.
    i miss west end and surrounds. is espressohead still there? it’s probably changed hands a million times by now, but I have formative memories of the blasmaic mushies and avocado on sourdough toast, with a perfect latte (complete with milk-formed heart on the top). Oh, and the watermelon strawberry and mint juice…and the iced coffee (shot of espresso poured over ice cubes).
    how do people cope without takeaway here in CH? well, you don’t miss what you’ve never had. people cook, all the time. and a lot of bread and cheese gets eaten. it’s only us poor expats who have had a taste of the good life that suffer!

  3. ps. justine, baby L is soooo adorable! just chumpy and gorgeous and absolutely edible. sleep comes…later:) if you lucky in a few years’ time. hahah, just kidding! solid food usually helps, so hang out for that.

  4. Of course it’s better for you to cook all the time, healthwise I’m sure (well, except for all the cheese…). Espressohead is still there but nothing like it used to be; fairly ordinary but still ok for the odd brekky. I counted up 21 coffee shops in West End now, just in Boundary/Vulture Sts. Don’t know how they survive (remember when it was just the 3 monkeys, & Swiss Deli, then Tempo, all of which are still there too). And the 3 Monkeys hasn’t changed a dot, not even the menu (filo pastries and nachos anyone?). My favourites now are Cibo for a quick coffee and focaccia (nice pram access and chairs with arms for feeding!) and the coffee shop at the back of Avid Reader bookshop with delicious avocado, feta and mint on turkish (from Stephanie Alexander). La Cantina (ex Food Up) is still pretty good too even though it just changed hands again. Oh and there’s a new one down on Montague Rd next to Orleigh Park called Alberto’s Shot which come to think of it is probably my *very* favourite spot and best coffee too. West End has changed a bit but it’s still got a special vibe about it; have been appreciating living so close now I’m at home with child! Good for walks… and Saturday morning markets down at Davies Park.
    L is 5 mths today and am thinking about when to give him solids, maybe in 2 weeks? Sleep is v erratic… yes, he’s a chunky monkey and fun to munch on, specially those cheeks!

  5. But then …….. you live Switzerland! I would find some cheese or have raclette in Valais ………..or the St. Gothard in Zuerich for their Geschnetzeldes and so on.
    I am a cheese-aholic, also a chocoholic. What better place can there be? Your red kitchen, Swiss cheese and chocolate with glorious wine from Valais ……….
    Thank goodness that we all have you red kitchen since the rest is so far away

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