Be my Valentine

I am madly crushing on Valentine Warner at the moment – my new latest foodie cook obsession. He's just so craggily endearing, all snaggle-toothed and mop-headed and passionate about his latest meal that he has just dug up or killed or caught. His telly show is on at the moment, 'What to Eat Now' and I love it, it's a cracker, esp. as he is now doing the Autumn business. Tonight's show was on mackerel and oysters and mussels, pulled fresh from the bringy freezing seas and eaten still dripping on the deck fo the boat or seared hot right there on the beach.

Oh, Autumn, how I love thee. I saw this ad (for of all places, Waitrose, hope the link works) but I just loved the feeling and atmosphere of it, that slightly 70's fuzzy framed look, old dishes and plates and no hard gleaming surfaces. Makes me nostalgic for the days of autumn yet to come.


One thought on “Be my Valentine

  1. Gosh, yes, I completely agree about Mr Warner (and hence, felt compelled to comment). A little miffed that there’s going to be a hole in my Monday evenings now.
    I wonder if he’ll do a Spring series? Or a Christmas special? Oh my, how I’d look forward to that one…
    I bet he’d wear a festive woolly jumper, too. Yum.

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