Cake, for Christmas

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Cake, for Christmas, originally uploaded by kitschenette.

My first ever attempt at making a traditional Christmas cake with fondant icing.

I made two small cakes for friends, and iced the cakes, brushing them first with warmed quince jelly, then draping them with rolled out marzipan and then fondant icing.
I think they turned out ok! They certainly looked sweet. There is something about a snowy white icing which I love. I remember my stepdad’s mum used to make a traditional Christmas cake every year, and I loved the icing part the best. If I could guarantee that the cake would survive the journey in one piece I would make one and send it to my parents in South Australia. Perhaps if it was packed tightly in a tin…now there’s a thought. I need to make another cake anyway, it’s just as easy to make two…

I am loving our new set of duck-egg blue dinner plates.


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