Pancakes with bananas and golden syrup

Woke up late this morning after a late night at the neighbours.
Felt like pancakes.
So easy:

1 cup of flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 egg
1/4 cup of sugar
1 cup of milk

More or less a 1:1 ratio (flour, egg, milk), so even I can remember how to make it without consulting the recipe book. Double or triple as you require. The only thing to remember is to beat the sugar and the egg together first until thick, add the milk and mix again, then add it all to the flour etc.

I had bananas with golden syrup (in lieu of maple syrup, keep forgetting to buy some). The kids love icing sugar or nutella!


One thought on “Pancakes with bananas and golden syrup

  1. This morning I made pancakes using your recipe above; it was a big hit with the family! And yes, it is so easy. I had all the ingredients in the house already. Served them with fresh strawberries sliced and macerated with just a bit of sugar. Yum! Thank you!

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