Garlic and rosemary focaccia

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Garlic and rosemary focaccia, originally uploaded by kitschenette.

Deliciously crisp, garlicky and salty.

I used some leftover pizza dough and pressed it flat with my fingers, then brushed over some of the luxuriant organic EV olive oil that Bruno’s parents buy for us in Tuscany every year, into which I had crushed a couple of cloves of garlic, needles of rosemary and a good crunching sprinkling of flaky sea salt and grinding of pepper.

I baked it at a high heat until golden, blistered and smelling fantastic.

It got devoured in about 2 seconds flat!


5 thoughts on “Garlic and rosemary focaccia

  1. yummie… question: can you give me the pizza-recipe you gave my sistress 😉 recently? thanks a lot
    olivier (gotta take youre invitation and step in someday…) =)

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