Sushi Friday

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Sushi Friday, originally uploaded by kitschenette.

Max has been sick for most of this week and he specifically requested sushi for lunch today. I hate making sushi, cos I can never make it right, and it’s fiddly, and sticky rice gets everywhere, and and and.

I made it anyway, and it was…not great. So highly-anticipated, and soooo disappointing. Surely sushi rice is not meant to be al dente?? Can someone please put me out of my misery and give me a fool-proof sushi rice recipe!!!??


4 thoughts on “Sushi Friday

  1. HI
    I use sushi rice. It is a short grain, very sticky rice, of course. You can also use a short grain cal-rose variety.
    my recipe says to wash the rice 2 times in cold water. then, use 1 part rice to 2 parts water to cook. Boil water, add rinsed rice and cook covered for 15 minutes. Take lid off and tip pan to see if there is water left. If there is still water, take off heat, keep covered and let sit 5 minutes.
    Next, make your sugar/salt/rice vinegar mix. PLace the rice in the biggest bowl you can find and, while spooning the sugar/salt/vinegar mix over the rice, fluff the rice with a large spatula or spider. This takes 5 or so minutes, and when you are done there is a slight shiny glaze to the rice. This is the optimum look.
    Once in a while I get the shiny glaze. It is tricky. I try not to put in too much sugar.
    I really like your site and will add it to my favorites. I like your photos, they are very natural and sweet.
    my site:

  2. I just thought of something else critical…sorry I didn’t add it before. I always have a bowl of cold water near when pressing the rice onto the nori or plastic wrap and dip my hands in often. this prevents much of the stickiness. Hope this helps. Georgia

  3. Georgia, thank you so much for your tips! I shall definitely give sushi rice another try with your advice. I’m slowly updating my links and I shall definitely add your lovely blog. Thanks for reading!

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