Perfect oatcakes

stack o biscuits, originally uploaded by kitschenette.

I made these oaty savoury biscuits last week – perfect for smearing with cheeses and tapenades. They are Max and Bruno's favourites, with or without the cheesy business. I used to make them quite often in Sydney, but lost the recipe and didn't think about them until Bruno was organising a wine and cheese evening for some friends in Basel and requested a batch. I dug out my old recipe book from Oz, fat with newspaper clippings and print outs, and found my original, treasured recipe. It's an old one from Good Living (Feb 22, 2000!!), the Sydney Morning Herald food supplement, written by Jill Dupleix, who is a great food writer (I think she lives and writes in the UK now, but I have lost track of what she is up to. Perhaps I will see her next time on telly with her own series!!! That wouldn't surprise me in the least). It's stuck in my recipe book next to one of my other favourite recipes (if you could call it that, it is so simple), for smashed potatoes (squash boiled potatoes flat on a baking tray with a potato masher, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt and maybe some herbs or pepper, roast at high heat til crispy and golden). 

Here is the recipe. Try it out, it's so simple and makes a good alternative to breads or crackers when you want a quick snack:


130 g oats

130g flour

80g softened butter

1 tsp sea salt

approx 6 tablespoons cold water

Whizz oatmeal, flour, butter and salt together in a food processor. Add the water slowly until mixture forms a ball. take the dough out and knead quickly until it comes together, then roll out on a floured surface and cut out rounds with a cookie cutter, glass etc etc. Arrange oat cakes on a piece of baking paper on a baking tray, then bake at 180 degrees for around 15 minutes or until very lightly golden brown. Remove and cool, then store in an air-tight container.

These oatcakes are really wonderful with cheeses or savoury spreads (tapenade etc), and of course a glass of wine. Also make a good snack at any time of the day!


3 thoughts on “Perfect oatcakes

  1. These look fab and will definitely give them a bash (you’ve not let me down yet with recipies!)
    And Jill Dupleix and Terry Durack have been lured back to Sydney! Terry is returning to review for the Sydney Morning Herald, not entirely sure what Jill will be doing, but I believe there’s some herald tie-in.

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