Telling porkies – slow roast pork v2

Still cooking away on my 'buy 1, cook 3' theme of general thriftiness…It started with roast chicken, then oxtail stew (my mum and dad's favourite of old – how I remember sitting at the table with them while they sucked and chewed the bones), and now, tonight's deluxe menu, slow roast pork. Ever the obsessive purveyor of my site stats, I can attest that this recipe is one of my most googled recipes, after bircher muesli, banana cake, and rather perplexingly, roasted beetroot.

I haven't made slow roasted pork for ages – summer time, laziness etc. But I found a nice piece of pork the other day and vowed to slow roast it in the name of economy and general deliciousness. So I dashed home this afternoon from a friend's and seared off the meat and braised the veges and added the liquids and bunged it all in the oven for a few hours. So easy! In the past I've had trouble with the meat being too dry, but not tonight. Because I hadn't made it in so long I totally forgot that it is usually roasted with the lid off the casserole dish, and left the lid on for at least 2 hours. By the time I realised, the meat had semi-steamed/roasted itself to tender perfection – great! I took the lid off for the last hour and then replaced it when I took the dish out to rest. The result – lovely, tender, juicy pork. Delicious.

I went to all the effort (which was, if I am truthful, not very much effort at all) to make this rather fab dinner, and in the end it was just Max and I eating it – Bruno was in Basel and Lola was at her second mother's (Francis), so Max and I leisurely mashed potatoes together, strained gravy and sat down to eat our semi-solitary feast. It was lovely. And now there is a big pyrex dish full of leftovers, mellowing and mingling their flavours, ready to make a spectacular bubble and squeak, or little fried croquettes, or sandwiches, or some other such dish. Allegra, you saved my life.

The past few weeks have been rather meaty. I'm thinking its time for veg. Still got a piece of home-grown pumpkin lingering about the fridge, so I foresee some pumpkin-y goodness happening in the Kitschenette household sooner rather than later. Soup, thai curry, gnocchi – oh yes!


2 thoughts on “Telling porkies – slow roast pork v2

  1. Hi there! Could you quickly give a translation for what the best cut for this is called in Zurich/CH? I have a hard time with meat names here…
    Thank very much for providing some dinner inspiration!
    Happy cooking and a great weekend.

  2. hi Nikki, to be honest I’m not exactly sure – I will have to ask an English-speaking butcher. A quick google search gives me ‘schweineruecken’ (pork back ) for pork loin but I’ve never seen this cut here. let me know if you find it!
    it’s pretty frustrating isn’t it, trying to figure out what exactly is what. After 7 years I still don;t know much! And I’m still amazed that the Swiss have no idea about the lamb shank, that wonder of slow winter cooking – a friend and I once asked a farmer who raises their own animals for meat and they had absolutely no idea about this cut…she said she thinks the butchers throw that bit out! weird, and sad!

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