Grissini + proscuitto

Delicious impromptu lunch of proscuitto-wrapped grissini and chunks of parmesan sheared off a huge hunk (direct from italy – thanks muchly, kerrin) – goodbye, evil hangover!

Next up – home-made brownie and coffee


5 thoughts on “Grissini + proscuitto

  1. we will be back in oz next july-august – i’m going to come make you dinner and then babysit that sweet baby of yours so that you and paul can go out for the night. cos that’s what i’d be doing if i still lived down the road 🙂
    hope all is well!

  2. We’ve had some proscuitto in the fridge for a few days and don’t quite know which direction to take it. (It was on sale at our natural foods grocery store.)
    I’ve found it’s nice with sliced pears.

  3. I thought I was the only one who ate “meals” like this 🙂 A chunk of parmesano, some cured meat and a crunchy baguette ahhh! I usually have some wine with this but it sounds like you are warding it off in this instance. Been there too 🙂
    Great blog, just stumbled on you. Look forward to exploring more tasty treats.

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