Lunch – beef stroganoff

Doesn’t look too appetising, but it was delicious, really!

I woke up this morning ravenously hungry and a little light-headed. A couple of days of not eating properly, or eating too lightly, and I’m a mess, dizzy, unable to concentrate and just generally useless.

So for lunch today I went for a bastardised, not-sticking-to-the-recipe version of beef stroganoff, heavy and rib-sticking, perfect for a hot summer’s day (just jokin’). Just what I needed.

If I’d been less in a rush, I might have taken a moment to lightly steam some broccoli to have on the side, but as it was, well, I couldn’t be bothered. There’s always dinner tonight to eat the rest of my five a day…

Lunch-time rush beef stroganoff

A couple of pieces of steak, thinly sliced

1 onion, thinly sliced

1 small tub of sour cream

pasta – I used pappardelle



salt & pepper

How to:

– Bring a pot of water to the boil, then add salt.

– Heat a heavy based frying pan till hot. Melt a knob of butter in it with a drop of oil until frothy.

– Add steak strips and sear quickly. Remove to a plate.

–  Add a little more butter and saute onions till soft and a little burnt in places (adds great flavour).

–  Add pasta to water and cook according to instructions.

– Drain pasta and toss in a little olive oil.

– Add steak to onions and mix, then add the sour cream and stir together. Season generously.

– Simmer onions and meat very gently for a couple of minutes, then serve up next to a big steaming pile of delicious carbs. Don’t forget a few spoonfuls of sauce!

– Devour. Remain, satiated,  in a carb-protein haze for the rest of the afternoon.

Serves 2.


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