Simple pleasures

I make a lot of food for other people. In any given week I make/prepare at least 20 meals, plus assorted snacks and znüni (morning tea for the kids to eat at school). We very rarely eat out, and almost never eat takeaways (not even available where we live, really), so I can say in all truthfulness that practically every mouthful of food that my kids put in their mouth (with the exception of when they eat at friends’ houses) has passed through my hands at some point. Phew! To say that sometimes I get a little, hmm, over cooking is an understatement.

So when I’m at home alone I take the opportunity to do as little cooking as possible. Here are some of my go-to snacks/meals for when I can’t be much bothered:

– blueberries and lusciously thick Greek yoghurt (see photo above)

chocolate and sesame Blevita crackers (my favourites, delicious)

– coffee & nectarines

– scrambled eggs, with goat’s cheese on toast (don’t forget the spring onions, and lots of butter)

– bread (must be fresh) & butter

– pistachio nuts

– pasta with chilli, cherry tomatoes and basil (this is a maximum of effort, for days when I’m feeling energetic)

– nothing at all. Oh, the joy of not having to put down whatever I’m doing and make a meal for someone. The ultimate luxury!


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