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Pancakes with bananas and golden syrup

Pancakes with bananas and golden syrup, originally uploaded by kitschenette. Woke up late this morning after a late night at the neighbours.Felt like pancakes.So easy: 1 cup of flour1 tsp baking powder1 egg1/4 cup of sugar1 cup of milk More or less a 1:1 ratio (flour, egg, milk), so even I can remember how to … Continue reading

Frei bis 10

.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; }.flickr-yourcomment { }.flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; }.flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } Frei bis10, originally uploaded by kitschenette. After a visit to the fruit market this morning I had breakfast at the Tea Room (Gasometerstrasse 5, Zürich) with Ms Fabelhaft and Gabriella, ostensibly to practise our … Continue reading

Bircher and more bircher…

Gosh, I never knew so many people wanted the recipe for ‘bircher muesli‘. In my blog stats a startling high percentage of visits coming from search engines are looking for bircher muesli, of all things. I hope all you people arriving here looking for bircher muesli are happy with what you find! Better revisit my … Continue reading

Toast – the story of a girl’s hunger

Lately I’ve rediscovered toast. For a while I forgot about it, indulging daily in the pleasures of fresh, soft bread. But recently I’ve been hauling out the toaster every morning, as much for a sense of thriftiness (thanks, Rose Prince) as for a simple delight in thick slices of slightly crunchy, hot, buttery, jam-smeared bread … Continue reading

mass production

phew. just finished kneading a double batch of zopf – that’s a whopping 2kgs of flour bashed around by yrs truly. i’ve now got the ginormous forearms of a well-seasoned old sailor, and my muscles are all a-tremble from all the unaccustomed exercise. i’ve been meaning to increase production of zopf loaves for some time … Continue reading

instant gratification

lo and behold – the results of a late night jam session: pretty pleased with the result. had some for breakfast this morning and was exactly how i wanted it: still freshly red, a nice consistency, not too sweet, and with a nice tartness thanks to some well-judged lemon juice. max told me, ‘mummy, you … Continue reading


this morning, after a long absence, atomic coffee returned to the breakfast table. yayyy! bruno’s fabulous atomic coffee maker has been sitting forlornly on the bench for many a month now, so we thought it time to rejuvenate it and have some decent coffee for brekky. we’d forgotten just what excellent coffee it makes…. of … Continue reading

bircher muesli

i’ve been on a bit of a muesli binge the last couple of days. can’t tell whether it’s the lure of plump, soft oats (i LOVE oats) or the pleasure of having some good fresh fruit after days of nutella and bread but i’m loving a big, white bowlful, all to myself (greedy, eh?). a … Continue reading

zopf pix

i’ve been trying to upload some images of zopf, but i keep getting an error message. hrrrm. anyway, here is a pic in one of my photo albums.

oh, zopf, how i love thee…

here is a recipe for swiss zopf. i got it from johanna, a swiss farmer, so i can assure you of it’s swiss provenance and authenticity (i understand how important these things are to you). she had to go to hausfrau school to learn it (true! 2 years of learning how to run a household…egads). … Continue reading