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We had a party for Max and Lolly on Sunday, a sausage sizzle in the park*, in the bitter cold and mud which no-one seemed to mind at all (much fun was had by all). Above is a specimen of the (infamous) schlangerbrot (snakebread), lengths of bread dough wound around a bloody great stick and … Continue reading

mass production

phew. just finished kneading a double batch of zopf – that’s a whopping 2kgs of flour bashed around by yrs truly. i’ve now got the ginormous forearms of a well-seasoned old sailor, and my muscles are all a-tremble from all the unaccustomed exercise. i’ve been meaning to increase production of zopf loaves for some time … Continue reading

brunchy stuff

brunch this morning was a simple affair. bruno’s parents arrived bearing many treats – strawberries freshly picked from their garden only hours before (still glistening with raindrops); a couple of gorgeously fresh and crisp salads (also from their garden); a precious jar of frau ruckstuhl’s (our favourite local farmer who provides us with the best … Continue reading


i’ve finally got the chance to sit down in front of the pooter and blog a bit. we’ve been so busy, and i’ve been disheartened because the photos i wanted to upload have remained stubbornly stuck inside the camera thanks to our uncooperative usb hub. but: ta da! i managed to extract them this morning. … Continue reading