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Simple pleasures

Simple pleasures

I make a lot of food for other people. In any given week I make/prepare at least 20 meals, plus assorted snacks and znüni (morning tea for the kids to eat at school). We very rarely eat out, and almost never eat takeaways (not even available where we live, really), so I can say in all … Continue reading

Grissini + proscuitto

Grissini + proscuitto

Delicious impromptu lunch of proscuitto-wrapped grissini and chunks of parmesan sheared off a huge hunk (direct from italy – thanks muchly, kerrin) – goodbye, evil hangover! Next up – home-made brownie and coffee

Sugar fingers

Sugar fingers, originally uploaded by kitschenette. I made shortbread from the River Cottage Family Cookbook for afternoon tea and Max couldn’t resist helping himself to some sugary crumbs before the first slice was eaten (note green playdough on his fingers, remnants of the T-Rex necklaces he made earlier in the afternoon). The shortbread was good, … Continue reading

Weekday lunch

.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; }.flickr-yourcomment { }.flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; }.flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } weekday lunch, originally uploaded by kitschenette. I took the time today to make myself a proper meal and actually sit down to eat it. I so often find myself eating on the run or … Continue reading


We had a party for Max and Lolly on Sunday, a sausage sizzle in the park*, in the bitter cold and mud which no-one seemed to mind at all (much fun was had by all). Above is a specimen of the (infamous) schlangerbrot (snakebread), lengths of bread dough wound around a bloody great stick and … Continue reading

Toast – the story of a girl’s hunger

Lately I’ve rediscovered toast. For a while I forgot about it, indulging daily in the pleasures of fresh, soft bread. But recently I’ve been hauling out the toaster every morning, as much for a sense of thriftiness (thanks, Rose Prince) as for a simple delight in thick slices of slightly crunchy, hot, buttery, jam-smeared bread … Continue reading


on wednesday i did a lot of cooking: – a banana cake with cream cheese icing – a flourless chocolate and hazelnut cake – i substituted hazelnut meal for almond meal(unfortunately the ganache topping failed miserably, more on that later) – spätzle with peas and chicken – tofu and vege green curry with rice – … Continue reading

weekend eats

i know it’s tuesday, almost wednesday, but here’s some stuff we ate over the weekend: a tarte tatin, courtesy of orangette via saucy. i have to admit it didn’t turn out very aesthetically pleasing. my apple configuration was very haphazard, and the slices migrated around in the sticky caramel, but no matter. it tasted wonderful. … Continue reading