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Potluck Supper Club #1

Potluck Supper Club #1

A while ago I decided that I didn’t see quite enough of my closest friends, busy as we all are with families, work and life in general. So I tried to think up devious ways that I could get to see them more often, and came up with the idea of a supper club – … Continue reading

Beef and Guinness stew

Beef and Guinness stew

The kitchen smells heavenly…looking forward to this. Sorry i don’t have any more pictures, but it’s still sitting in the oven, cooking itself slowly to perfection. Yum. I haven’t done any slow cooking for ages, and I miss the comforting smells and sense of accomplishment ratio (lots of gain, for not much effort!). It’s deep … Continue reading

Attack of the roadside truffles

Well, it seems everyone is interested in the roadside truffles we bought on a whim as we whizzed through Slovenia on our way to the mountains. A tiny knob of white truffle, it stank out our car all the way through Italy, over the Simplon Pass and into the Valais. Truffles to me seem to … Continue reading

Telling porkies – slow roast pork v2

Still cooking away on my 'buy 1, cook 3' theme of general thriftiness…It started with roast chicken, then oxtail stew (my mum and dad's favourite of old – how I remember sitting at the table with them while they sucked and chewed the bones), and now, tonight's deluxe menu, slow roast pork. Ever the obsessive … Continue reading

Lacking inspiration

Some days I find myself at a complete loss as to what to cook for dinner. Ok, to be honest, lots of days. The kitschenette household can get pretty sick of the same rotation of pasta, miso soup, spatzle and pizza (things that have been on the menu a lot lately). On such days I … Continue reading


There's nothing quite like a big hearty bowl of homemade vegetable and barley soup with a dollop of yoghurt and fresh bread when you get home late at night from a long tiring day navigating the Italian train network. Oh, and a glass of wine, of course.


Tonight I am hosting my book club's inaugural potluck dinner. We meant to have a Christmas dinner, but everyone was so crazy busy that we couldn't find the time. So here we are in the New Year, finally sitting down together. As we are quite an international bunch, we asked everyone to bring a dish … Continue reading

Potluck dinners

A couple of weeks ago we had a surprise potluck Asian food-themed birthday dinner for a good friend of mine, and it was such a success that we all agreed that we should make a habit of it. It was a great meal – smoke-free surrounds (unlike the rest of the civilised world, Switzerland still … Continue reading

Hello, sunshine

Hello again, my sadly neglected blog. It’s been a while. Maybe it’s the winter greyness that crushes all my inspiration, for I have been just doing my normal everyday cooking and haven’t found much to get enthused about. However, a couple of days of unseasonal sunshine have whetted the old tastebuds and I’ve thought a … Continue reading

Slow roast pork

I’ve had a couple of requests for the recipe for the slow roast pork I made last weekend, and I am as ever, happy to oblige. Truth be told, my slow roasted pork, albeit delicious, was a bit dry. This was because I didn’t use the proper cut of meat for the recipe – I … Continue reading