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Lunch – beef stroganoff

Lunch – beef stroganoff

I woke up this morning ravenously hungry and a little light-headed. A couple of days of not eating properly, or eating too lightly, and I’m a mess, dizzy, unable to concentrate and just generally useless. So for lunch today I went for a bastardised, not-sticking-to-the-recipe version of beef stroganoff, heavy and rib-sticking, perfect for a … Continue reading

The value of eggs

We just got back from summer holidays here, here and here. Finally, it seems as if we have turned a huge corner with our family holidays, and we had a surprisingly great time. Not that we don’t have a good time usually, but we have realised that Lola is old enough now to do fair … Continue reading


We had a party for Max and Lolly on Sunday, a sausage sizzle in the park*, in the bitter cold and mud which no-one seemed to mind at all (much fun was had by all). Above is a specimen of the (infamous) schlangerbrot (snakebread), lengths of bread dough wound around a bloody great stick and … Continue reading

mittagessen, or lunch

this article about school lunches is interesting (via daxaing). growing up in nz and australia, school lunches were always brought from home, so the notion of mass-produced and consumed school food is pretty alien to me. it seems like a good idea, if the food is good and healthy. here in switzerland most kids come … Continue reading

mass production

phew. just finished kneading a double batch of zopf – that’s a whopping 2kgs of flour bashed around by yrs truly. i’ve now got the ginormous forearms of a well-seasoned old sailor, and my muscles are all a-tremble from all the unaccustomed exercise. i’ve been meaning to increase production of zopf loaves for some time … Continue reading

the vexing question of saturday lunch

saturday morning is always such a frenetic rush in the kitschenette household. there are shopping lists to be written (entailing at least partial planning of the up-coming week’s meals), recycling to be sorted (glass – green, brown, white, tins, PET bottles, plastic milk bottles…they all need to go to different places) and dropped off, and … Continue reading