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Luxemburgerli @ Bellevue

Luxemburgerli @ Bellevue

Have you ever tried one of these delicious little mouthfuls? Just divine, soft cream sandwiched between two fragile meringue biscuits. They come in all sorts of amazing flavours, like pistachio, lemon, raspberry, hazelnut, coffee, chestnut and bitter chocolate, and lots of seasonal specials. I especially like the one with dark chocolate and gold brushed biscuit … Continue reading

Spiced quinces with red wine

The house is full of a delicious mulled wine smell – the first quinces of the season are slowly poaching in my oven. It's freezing cold outside and there is nothing I like better on a quiet afternoon than to have something bubbling away in the oven. I bought a few quinces when I was … Continue reading

Apple Pie of Death, Part II

      A couple of days ago I tried to recreate The Apple Pie of Death that Manuela and I ate one ill-fated morning in Amsterdam. Unbeknownst to us, we had stumbled upon perhaps the best apple pie in Amsterdam. Ok, that morning it did us no favours, but I did insist even in … Continue reading

World’s best carrot cake

More carrot cake, originally uploaded by kitschenette. I've made this cake quite a lot recently. It's delicious, simple and the 3 cups of carrots it requires makes it easy to fool oneself that it is also really healthy. Actually, it is pretty healthy, except for the cream cheese frosting (and I use the word 'frosting' … Continue reading

Oaty apple cake

I’ve been baking a bit more lately, I don’t know why, maybe the weather, maybe the fact that we are back from holidays and I am enjoying being back in my own (messy) kitchen. When I’m feeling at home, I bake. The week before the holidays Lola and I were more or less home alone … Continue reading

Sugar fingers

Sugar fingers, originally uploaded by kitschenette. I made shortbread from the River Cottage Family Cookbook for afternoon tea and Max couldn’t resist helping himself to some sugary crumbs before the first slice was eaten (note green playdough on his fingers, remnants of the T-Rex necklaces he made earlier in the afternoon). The shortbread was good, … Continue reading

Bulging bellies

My kids are such gobbly guts. Tonight they stuffed themselves so full at dinner time that later, when they had their bath together, they exclaimed and squealed over their bulging bellies. Even I was surprised. I do love seeing my kids eat well. I feel a kind of motherly pride in nourishing my progeny. Tonight … Continue reading

The fruit of Love

Stephanie Alexander tells me that in ancient times quinces were revered as sacred symbols of love, happiness and fertility. There is something kind of miraculous about quinces, in the way that their perfume subtly fragrances the kitchen, and the way their hard, pale rawness transforms into crimson softness after a few hours of judicious cooking. … Continue reading