Luxemburgerli @ Bellevue

Luxemburgerli @ Bellevue

Have you ever tried one of these delicious little mouthfuls? Just divine, soft cream sandwiched between two fragile meringue biscuits. They come in all sorts of amazing flavours, like pistachio, lemon, raspberry, hazelnut, coffee, chestnut and bitter chocolate, and lots of seasonal specials. I especially like the one with dark chocolate and gold brushed biscuit … Continue reading

Old skool

Old skool, originally uploaded by kitschenette. Check out my new music blog, High Rotation. It's been keeping me busy of late, but it's a bit of fun.

Inhuman how is it humanly possible to consume this?!!!! (found at this is why you're fat)

My darling clementine

My darling clementine, originally uploaded by kitschenette. eating these at a rate of knots lately. so delicious, a burst of sunshine and sweetness in my day.

Emergency food

Soft boiled egg and gherkin sandwich on olive ciabatta. Desperate times call for desperate measures! We have all taken a bizarre liking to pickles this holiday! (and no, none of us is pregnant 🙂 )

Sushi kid

Bruno made sushi for dinner tonight, but as Lola doesn’t like fish or seaweed he made her a special Lola-friendly plate.

Spiced quinces with red wine

The house is full of a delicious mulled wine smell – the first quinces of the season are slowly poaching in my oven. It's freezing cold outside and there is nothing I like better on a quiet afternoon than to have something bubbling away in the oven. I bought a few quinces when I was … Continue reading

Attack of the roadside truffles

Well, it seems everyone is interested in the roadside truffles we bought on a whim as we whizzed through Slovenia on our way to the mountains. A tiny knob of white truffle, it stank out our car all the way through Italy, over the Simplon Pass and into the Valais. Truffles to me seem to … Continue reading

Postcard from…a roadside stall in Slovenia

A tiny, stinky knob of white truffle, bought with our last few remaining Croatian Kunas. Truffle pasta for dinner tonight, then! (For the last week I’ve been travelling through Croatia with the family – see my other blog for updates)